Pamela Mbabazi

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Ms. Pamela Mbabazi is an MA (Music, Ethnomusicology) candidate at Makerere University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. She is a recipient of the NORAD Arts and Culture Education scholarship for MA (Music). Her research interests so far are on how digital technology has redefined creation, production and dissemination of Popular Music in Uganda, and the continuity and change of kikibi dance of the Bakonzo.

Ms Mbabazi has been a teacher of music at Bweranyangi Girls Secondary School. She was also the coordinator Dreams and Teams Africa, a partnership program between Uganda and the UK. Ms. Mbabazi has been a Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) examiner for “O” and “A” levels music examinations.

As a performer, Ms. Mbabazi has sung in the New Orleans Church Choir in Bergen-Norway and has won a number of awards including: a Certificate of Merit as an Outstanding Soloist for African and Western Music from the Department of Music, Dance, and Drama, Makerere University; and a Certificate for Outstanding Performance as an African Music Soloist from Bweranyangi Girls Secondary