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NORAD and NUFU, Norway

Under Ethnomusicology in Uganda Projects, the Archive has received funding from NORAD Arts and Cultural Education Program and Norwegian Program for Development, Research and Education (NUFU) Program, all from Norway.

This funding has supported four MA (music-ethnomusicology) scholarships and the recipients are working as in the Archive after taking a course in music collection, recording and archiving. This funding has also been used to train music archivists as well as equipping the archive.

American Embassy in Uganda

The archive has also received funding from the American Embassy in Uganda in terms of three computers used as part of the listening facilities, books for ethnomusicology and music archive.

This fund has also contributed to building capacity for this Archive; it facilitated Professor Andrew Weintraub from the University of Pittsburgh to give lectures and workshops on music archiving particularly in the areas of digitalization, documentation, and repatriation.