Our Mission, Vision & Objectives

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Our Mission

Sustainable and accessible music archive that links the Ugandan musical heritage of the past and present into the future in order to support and strengthen music and dance performance, teaching, learning, and research in Uganda


To be the leading center for archiving and research on Ugandan music and dance in the world


  1. To collect and record all kinds of Ugandan music and dance including field and commerce recordings of indigenous and popular musics as well as scores, manuscripts, transcriptions, photographs, musical art works and musical instruments
  2. To digitize Ugandan music recorded on discs, LPs and cassette-tapes formats for permanent preservation
  3. To provide access to the archived collections and ensure that they are properly utilized in a manner that protects the intellectual property and copyright ownerships
  4. To research and publish on Ugandan music and dance through print and online publications, workshops, exhibitions and conferences
  5. To network with institutions and individuals to repatriate Ugandan music collections
  6. To be the training center for archiving music and dances and share knowledge on best practices in archiving